There’s nothing I love more than the idea of a new beginning. Especially being a Michigan girl, the warmth of sun and new growth after a harsh winter has reminded me of all the seasons we have in life more than anything.

Like, going outside in flip flops after months of wearing my black trash bag looking parka and flinching while ice hits my face is LIFE changing.

There is nothing more encouraging than feeling a breath of fresh air after a tough phase. I decided to round up some pretty and inspiring scriptures that echo the way Christ starts spring in our souls when we need it most.

And if you’re in that winter-cold, drudging through the day kinda season…tips below:)

Tips to turn a fresh page:

  1. Journal. It is so healing to get words out. So many times I’ve discovered how I really feel about something, or answered my own questions just through writing as the thoughts flow.
  2. Do something you have always wanted to do or go somewhere new. I don’t know why, but having an experience that marks a new era really helps. Even just having pictures and memories to associate with a “new time” can be so powerful.
  3. Quiet your mind. Set a timer for 5 minutes and try to do nothing but just breath for 5 minutes. Don’t even let the voice in your head talk. This seriously is such a challenge! When I was having a hard time with anxiety, I did this at the beginning and end of the day, and wow it made such a difference.
  4. Pick a habit to start growing. Focusing energy on creating something new, rather than thinking on the past, always helps me get out of my own head. It also helps positivity! Whether it is reading something new, working out, or learning to cook.
  5. Remember: this too shall pass! No season lasts forever, sometimes we just have to ride out the cold:)

Here’s to fresh starts!

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