I have always been a spender. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve never been good at math, maybe because I love cute things, but either way yah girl has never been super reserved with the dollars. ( See pic for me at a concert I had no business buying tickets to).

Pair it with a teacher budget and to say the least I’ve had to reconsider some life choices. 

Pair it with getting married to a soldier and I’m definitely having to learn better habits. 

That quote I posted about “self-care” meaning more that bubble baths and chocolate cake has been a huge mindset shift for me. Sometimes the reward after a long week to me has always been a new pair of shoes or the adorable agenda on Amazon I’ve been wanting. 

But as I set my sights on wanting a secure life for my husband and I, and hoping to be a blessing in his life, I’ve had to change the idea of what self-care means in money. 

Now it’s putting $50 into savings so we can buy furniture. Trying to be more mindful when grocery shopping so that I have little more to throw at my credit card bill that month. Finding a cheaper way to get paper for that craft my class is doing. 

It am VERY much still in dollar bill bootcamp—but I think it is so true that sometimes making the hard, self-disciplined decision instead of the comforting one is what self-care means. It means feeling the satisfaction of handling an unexpected expense easily, and knowing the future will be set. It means making the choice that requires a little self sacrifice. Maybe it even means confronting a friend about issues you’ve been feeling. Or getting up earlier to pray because your heart needs it. 

Either way this kind of tough self care, taking the high road self care, seems to build us a better life. 

Here’s to living a little more secure…

What advice do you have on marriage and money? What is your favorite way to save?!

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