Today was not my favorite. I made it worse by staring at this photo with a mood—thinking about how much better summer will be.  

From icy road commutes, to arguing students, parents who don’t read emails you send, bigger bills than expected, and longggg staff meetings—you could call today crappy. 

But you know what, I am so sick of hearing that “adulting” is too hard. I hate that idea that we have to live with a little cloud over our heads just because we have responsibilities. 

I left school with a bothered attitude and climbed into bed right away. I want to drown in Netflix and pray for a snow day. 

I can’t claim to have the answer to avoid spiraling into the blues but here’s to remembering why we do what we do. To remember the days I used to dreamed of being where I am now. 

Because 2 weeks ago I picked out a beautiful white dress I’d always imagined. Today a sweet little love in my class told me she is giving up 5 minutes of recess during lent to come in and help me clean our classroom. I got to see my amazing fiance’s smile for a few minutes, and was able to cook in the house I rent with my best friend since my middle school days. 

It honestly makes me ashamed I came home feeling so icky. It’s like I was handed a birthday gift and said “that’s not what I asked for.”

But this life so IS what I asked for. 

Stress is real ya’ll, but so are the gifts. Here’s to remembering a little bit better… 

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