The One.

Is he the one? If you've been in a long-term (or heck even short term) relationship, your cousin, your grandma, or your best friend has asked you this with a sparkle in their eye. It feels soooo exciting that they can even ask this little phrase. This small sentence has been one of the most... Continue Reading →


There's nothing I love more than the idea of a new beginning. Especially being a Michigan girl, the warmth of sun and new growth after a harsh winter has reminded me of all the seasons we have in life more than anything. Like, going outside in flip flops after months of wearing my black trash... Continue Reading →


I have always been a spender.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never been good at math, maybe because I love cute things, but either way yah girl has never been super reserved with the dollars. ( See pic for me at a concert I had no business buying tickets to). Pair it with a teacher budget... Continue Reading →


Any Grade A people pleasers out there? The older I get, the more I realize how much this title fits. My instinct in most situations is to bring any type of peace and comfort that is missing. I hate that void left open when someone confesses a weakness, a struggle, or a need. I love... Continue Reading →


Today was not my favorite. I made it worse by staring at this photo with a mood---thinking about how much better summer will be.   From icy road commutes, to arguing students, parents who don’t read emails you send, bigger bills than expected, and longggg staff meetings---you could call today crappy.  But you know what,... Continue Reading →


I remember sitting in my college teacher courses listening to professors go on about creating community and inspiring kids through teaching. All that went through my head as they worked to prepare us was: “I got this.” Looking back, I love that the naive little me felt so excited about my future career that it... Continue Reading →

About Me.

My name is Monica, also known as Ms. James to second graders and Mo to my family. I am a 24-year-old teacher from Michigan; long distance fiance to my military man trying to build a love that goes the distance. I'm so glad you are here! If I have learned anything from my two years... Continue Reading →

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